Milk frother: the “little secret” to make coffee more delicious

What is the difference between coffee sold in cafes and coffee brewed in three-in-one bags? For coffees such as latte and cappuccino, the difference between the two is not only in the type of coffee beans, the grinding process, etc., the fine and dense milk foam filled in the cup is also one of the signs of quality coffee.
A small milk froth has a great effect. In fact, adding milk foam to coffee is not only a decorative effect. On the one hand, milk foam can blend with the overall taste. When coffee, milk and milk foam molecules form a uniform combination, the taste of coffee will become better. On the one hand, the air contained in the rich milk foam has very little fluidity, which is very helpful for keeping the coffee warm.
In view of this incomparable effect, milk frothers that can produce rich foam have gradually become popular. In order to make cafe-level coffee at home, milk frothers have become many users who pursue quality to use with coffee machines without milk frothing. Supplementary products. And usually the operation of the milk frother is very simple, and the user is very easy to use.


Post time: Dec-14-2020
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