This Nespresso Milk Frother Makes At-Home Lattes Feel Like the Real Deal

If you can sustain on black coffee, congrats. But some of us really need that morning latte to feel like our perky selves for that 10 a.m. Zoom call. So if we’re going to be stuck in the house for the foreseeable future, we need to kick our barista skills into high gear and perfect our foam-making skills.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean taking up valuable counter space with a giant La Pavoni commercial espresso station. All you need is this small, handy Nespresso milk frother. Whether your pick-me-up is a hot cappuccino, cortado or iced matcha latte, all you have to do is pour in a bit of milk, press the button and wait a few seconds until it whips it into foam. No fancy technique needed.

However, there is one thing to note: Don’t fill the canister to the brim, or you risk spilling lots of milk in the process. We’ve found that filling it about halfway does the trick and keeps all the foam contained. Need more than a few ounces of milk? We hear you—just repeat the process twice.

This particular milk frother comes with many Nespresso makers, but it’s also available for purchase on its own. And it’s every bit as high-tech as you’d expect. It features a one-touch automatic system so you really don’t have to acquire any barista powers. Plus it whips dairy or non-dairy milks into hot or cold foam depending upon what type of beverage you’re making.

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Post time: Mar-28-2020
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